Posted - July 20, 2014

Food and Wellness

Obesity in America Infographic

Health and wellness is something that we all have to be aware of and work actively towards. Many Americans struggle with eating right and maintaining an ideal weight range. There are different views and perceptions, different food cultures and buying habits that all form a high level picture of wellness in America.

Here are a series of  informative info graphics from The Hartman Group that provides some high level numbers, history and consumer behavior regarding food and wellness.

1. How America Eats

2. Obesity in America

Obesity in America Infographic

3. Wellness Spending

4. Facts on Food Culture

Facts on Food Culture

5. Sugar and Sweetners

6. 200 years of health and wellness


Food and Wellness

Weight loss surgery will change the way that you eat. Following your procedure, you will consume smaller portions and will remain full longer in between meals. While this reduced diet will help you lose weight, you must make sure that you are consuming enough of the nutrients that you need to stay healthy.

After weight loss surgery, your dietary focus will be obtaining the nutrients your body needs for optimal well-being.

  • Staying hydrated. Water is an essential nutrient your body needs to survive. Drinking adequate amounts of water will help your body heal as you recover from weight loss surgery and lose weight.
  • Focusing on nutrients. Protein, fats, carbohydrates and other vitamins and minerals will need to be consumed at certain levels. Dr. Ayoola can provide you with specific guidelines for your dietary needs that will depend on the form of weight loss surgery and your individual case.
  • Avoiding problem foods and drinks. Fattening foods, sugary items and sodas can all pose health threats following weight loss surgery. Learn the foods and drinks you should avoid and do your best to refrain from them.

Directly after bariatric surgery you will follow a progression of dietary changes as your body heals. Once your stomach has recovered from surgery you will be introduced to healthy solid foods that will help you remain healthy as you lose weight.

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