Posted - September 11, 2013

Focus On Flexibility

Focus on Flexibility

Focus on FlexibilityWhen you’re trying to lose weight, it’s essential to combine a smart eating plan with a good exercise plan. Regardless of the kind of weight loss surgery you had, you’ll need to become more active as you lose weight, but this can amount to more than just cardiovascular exercise and weightlifting. Virtually all strength training and aerobic exercises make your muscles flex and contract, and building your flexibility is a crucial part of getting better at activities like these.


Flexibility can be so beneficial after weight loss surgery because:

  • It makes every movement easier. Stretching and flexibility exercises can help your athletic performance and endurance during day to day activities. Basic movements like lifting and bending over are made much easier with a well-conditioned and flexible body.
  • It improves your circulation. Stretching can improve blood flow to your muscles, which can help you heal quicker after an injury.
  • It can help you alleviate stress. Stress can leave you with painful, knotted muscles, but a good stretching routine can loosen this tension. Regular stretching and flexibility exercises like yoga can help you generally feel more relaxed and less stressed out.
  • It can help you prevent injuries. Stretching can help you protect yourself from injury by improving the range of motion in your joints.

Becoming More Flexible

If you’re ready to improve your flexibility after weight loss surgery, it’s important to do so carefully. Sometimes, this means forgetting everything you learned about stretching in high school gym class. We’re often taught to stretch before exercise and hold stretches for long periods of time, but this can actually lead to a higher risk of injury.

Before you stretch, warm up your muscles with a light aerobic activity, or wait to stretch until after your workout when your muscles are at their warmest. Don’t bounce, and try to keep each stretch to 30 seconds or less.

In addition to traditional stretching, you can try activities like yoga, which gently stretches and twists your body into a variety of poses. Yoga can help you become more flexible, but it can also improve your muscle strength and help you relieve stress. Try taking a class in yoga or following an instructional video online to get a flexibility boost from this great workout.