Posted - May 4, 2012

Finding Your Positive Energy

Lap Band Surgery Brings Positive Energy

Lap Band Surgery Brings Positive Energy You will need to make a number of lifestyle changes following your Lap Band surgery. Dr. Stewart will provide you with instructions pertaining to your diet and exercise habits after your operation, but outside of the obvious weight loss efforts there are still a number of things you need to focus on.

After going to work or taking care of the kids it is important that you manage to fit in a workout and pay attention to your own health needs, and for this you are going to need more energy. Before stopping for a cup of coffee to get you through the evening, think about where you are expending energy throughout the day. Chances are there are a few places in your life where you are exerting way too much energy for few results. Changing these habits can help you to have more energy throughout your day to get done what you need to get done.

Social Media

Step away from the laptop, smart phone and tablet. Think about all of the places where you are now connected with other people. A lot of people check their Facebook and Twitter accounts every hour of the day. Cell phones are left on the night-stand, and status updates are frequently the last thing read at night and the first thing checked every morning. Think of all of the stress that you are inducing onto yourself. Do you really need to know what your second cousin’s friend had for lunch today?

If you are one of those people who are attached to their Facebook account, then maybe it is time to set a few rules. Managing your Facebook time to once a day or a few times a week can take away a lot of the mental burden that you are expending throughout the day.

Hang up the Phone

Being by yourself doesn’t have to be lonely. Too many times we lose golden opportunities to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet because we go straight to the cell phone to catch up with our mothers, friends and co-workers who we haven’t spoken to in half a day. Instead of spending so much time talking on the phone, hang up and have a bit of designated you time. Turn off the TV too and enjoy the serenity of a quiet home.

By cutting out these common interferences every day, you may discover that you have a few extra hours that you can use to tend to yourself. Don’t waste energy on activities that are leaving you anxious or upset. As you are losing weight, make sure that you are expending energy in positive ways.