Posted - March 30, 2012

Finding Hidden Calories

Reading Nutrition Labels after Bariatric Surgery

After undergoing surgery for weight loss in Carrollton it is important to begin focusing on eating a healthier diet. Weight loss surgery will help you to feel full after eating fewer calories, but because of this it is important to make sure you are packing the calories that you do eat with crucial nutrients. There are thousands of pesky calories hiding in everyday foods that many people are unaware of, leaving too many of us to overeat without even knowing how many calories we have ingested.

Make sure that you are letting every calorie count by avoiding these all too common calorie traps!

  1. The Salad. Salads can be a great weight loss meal, but after weight loss surgery they are not always the best meal of choice. A lot of salads are actually packed with empty calories that offer no protein. Many salads are loaded with fattening dressings, processed meats and chunks of cheese, which can add a few hundred calories to an unsuspecting dieters meal.
  2. The Latte. If you are in the need of an afternoon pick-me-up, it is best to reach for a plain cup of coffee or tea. Specialty lattes and frozen drinks are packed full of sugar and extra calories that can add an extra 500 calories to your day without you even taking a bite.
  3. The Muffin. It is time that the healthy muffin myth is finally busted. In many situations, muffins are not much more than nutritiously marketed cupcakes. While some muffins are packed with nutrient dense fruits and nuts, others are sitting right beside them filled with chocolate and cream cheese. Many muffins are also massively oversized as well, and can weigh in at over 400 calories.

There are plenty of healthy food options available out there. After weight loss surgery, it is important that you take the extra step and consider how many calories are in your favorite foods before you continue reaching for the fork out of habit.


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