Posted - September 25, 2013

Find What Motivates You

Find What Motivates You

Find What Motivates YouSuccess is a combination of drive and ability being used in the right circumstances. This holds true not only in your professional and personal life, but in your health as well. Each person must evaluate what their abilities and motivations are when trying to lose weight, then create a plan that helps them reach their goals.

Every person has to find their own path towards weight loss success. This path may start with duodenal switch, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric band surgery, but it won’t end there. Finding your reasons to stay motivated will help you keep pushing forward until you achieve lasting weight loss success.

Your motivations can be as simple as fitting into an old pair of jeans, or as serious as avoiding a dangerous condition like heart disease. But as you continue working on improving your health after bariatric surgery, you can keep yourself motivated by remembering how much weight loss will benefit things like:

Your Health

Obesity is linked to dozens of diseases, from diabetes to some forms of cancer. If you suffer from one of these health problems or are at risk of developing one, this can be a strong motivating factor in getting bariatric surgery. Losing weight can reduce your risk of many of these health conditions and may even improve existing health problems enough for you to stop using medications.

Your Happiness

Obesity can affect the mind as significantly as it does the body. Many people who live with excess weight lack confidence and self-esteem, and these are attributes you may find returning as you drop pounds after weight loss surgery. Reaching your goal weight is a triumphant moment, but every step you take forward is a reason to be happy, confident and motivated to continue.

Your Lifestyle

Obesity can hold you back from living a fulfilling life. Excess weight may make it harder for you to play with your children, or engage in active hobbies you once enjoyed. It can force you to avoid long-distance travel due to the fear of embarrassment over not fitting in an airplane seat. But losing weight can open doors to possibilities you’ve never dreamed of, and a future you’ve always hoped for. Stay motivated by thinking about all the things you’ll do once you’ve reached your weight loss goal, like seeing the world or watching your children and grandchildren grow up.

After bariatric surgery, it’s important to focus on the many reasons you wanted to lose weight in the first place. Find what motivates you and remember what all your hard work is leading towards.