Posted - March 7, 2013

Fight Stress in a Flash after Bariatric Surgery

Fight Stress in a Flash after Bariatric Surgery in Plano

Fight Stress in a Flash after Bariatric Surgery in PlanoFrom progressive muscle relaxation to yoga, there are many ways to reduce stress when you have time on your side. Unfortunately, we rarely have time to spare in our most stressful moments. After bariatric surgery in Frisco, Denton or Dallas, you may not be able to pause for 10 minutes of deep breathing during a hectic workday, and so you’ll need to find another way to keep stress from hindering your healthy lifestyle.

The good news is that there are many ways to cope with your anxieties when time is of the essence. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, help yourself get the best of stress quickly by:

  • Reassessing your attitude. We’ve already extolled the virtues of optimism after bariatric surgery, but thinking positively can be a powerfully immediate stress-reduction technique. Studies show that an optimistic attitude can steady the rhythm of your heartbeat, helping your whole body stay more relaxed. If you’re having trouble shifting your viewpoint to the bright side, just focus your mind’s eye on anything that makes you smile. Think about the vacation you’re planning, the smiling face of your spouse or child or the ecstatic way your dog will wag his tail when you get home.
  • Picturing a more peaceful place. When the world outside gets too stressful, you can retreat to the world within for a quick reprieve. Visualize yourself relaxing somewhere else, or doing something that brings you peace and comfort. Use the full extent of your imagination and engage every sense with as much detail as possible. If you’re visualizing yourself on a peaceful tropical island, think about how the sand feels beneath your feet, the smell of the salty breeze as it blows through your hair, the sound of the gulls cawing high above, the sight of the sun against the waves and the taste of the fresh coconut water you’re sipping on.
  • Listening to some mood music. Headphones can be a useful stress management tool. Sometimes when you’re feeling anxious, all it takes is a few tranquil tunes to calm you down. Try making your own chill-out playlist for any stressful occasion, with a variety of songs that ease your mind. The comforting influence of classical music has been studied extensively, but you can include anything that makes you feel more relaxed.

Techniques like progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing can be excellent ways to control stress long-term, but strategies like these can make a big difference when you’re mired in a busy day. What else has helped you reduce stress in an instant after bariatric surgery in Frisco, Dallas or Denton? Tell us in the comments below!