Posted - June 4, 2012

Exercises for Bariatric Surgery Patients with Joint Pain

Exercises for Bariatric Surgery Patients with Joint Pain in Dallas

Exercises for Bariatric Surgery Patients with Joint Pain in DallasMany people who suffer from being severely overweight or obese in Dallas also suffer from chronic joint and bone pain. Weight loss surgeries can help alleviate most joint pain, but some patients may still have difficulty engaging in high-impact physical activities.

However, there are gentle or low-impact exercises that patients with joint pain can engage in to realign bones, make sore joints mobile and strengthen the surrounding muscles. By taking part in physical activity every day, you can reduce your joint pain, sustain your weight loss efforts and enjoy an overall healthier way of life.

Here are several types of gentle exercises for patients with join paint.


Swimming is an excellent source of exercise for patients who still have issues with joint pain. Exercising and swimming in water helps take excess pressure off joints, allowing you to have a much greater range of motion than you would on land. The buoyancy of water helps support your body while you challenge your muscles to move against the resistance of the water and ultimately gain strength. You don’t have to swim countless laps to get your heart rate pumping—just move about in the water, flexing your legs and arms as you feel comfortable. Water’s natural resistance against your movements will help elevate your heart rate as you strengthen the muscles surrounding your joints.


When you suffer from joint pain, you will want to keep your joints flexible and walking is the perfect way to do so. Walking is considered a low-impact activity that still helps you burn calories and promotes weight loss. Joint pain sufferers often cannot participate in high-impact exercises like running, so walking serves as a sufficient alternative. As surrounding muscles strengthen and your joints become more flexible, try to walk for at least 15 to 30 minutes a day several times a week.


Cycling or biking can either be done in the gym on a stationary bike or outside in the great outdoors. Cycling is yet another exercise that can greatly benefit people who suffer from joint and bone pain. Not only will cycling help strengthen joint muscles, it’s also an aerobic exercise that improves overall cardiovascular health. Pounding on the pavement during running can greatly increase pressure on sore joints but cycling helps alleviate this pressure while improving joint flexibility. If you’re interested in cycling’s many health benefits, try at least 15 to 30 minutes of biking a couple times a week.

Don’t let your joint pain keep you from experiencing the myriad health benefits that exercise provides— speak with your weight loss surgeon for further instructions on how to ease into exercise if you suffer from joint pain. As with any new exercise, remember to start slow to avoid overworking your muscles and always stretch before and after physical activity.