Posted - December 3, 2009

Exercise Safely After Gastric Bypass Surgery

You should be ready to start an exercise routine about six weeks after undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Exercising after weight loss surgery will dramatically improve the results you experience from your procedure, as well as your overall health. However, if you’re not used to working out on a regular basis, there are some precautions you’ll want to take as you ease into a new lifestyle involving more physical activity.

7 Tips To Exercise Safely After Gastric Bypass Surgery

1. Start exercising before surgery. Ideally, your surgeon recommended you start adding a little exercise before your surgery. This will help you become more flexible and prepare your body for more intense activity after surgery. It will also help with any pre-surgery weight loss that’s required.

2. Begin with walking. Walking in short increments is a great way to ease into exercise. You’ll begin to tone your muscles, making future exercises easier.

3. Talk to your doctor before exercising after your surgery. Your surgeon will be able to tell you when you’re ready to increase your activity level and let you know about any specific risks you need to consider.

4. Do 5-15 minutes of cardio exercise before strength training. Strength training is ultimately what will help you increase muscle mass, but it’s always a good idea to warm your body up with a short cardio workout.

5. Start off with 1-2 sets of 6-15 repetitions. You’ll be able to do more as you get stronger and build up your endurance.

6. Don’t overdo it with the weights. Use enough weight so that you can feel some resistance, but don’t strain yourself.

7. Keep a diary of your workouts. Keep track of how much you’re lifting and how many repetitions you’re able to do. As exercising becomes easier, you can begin to add weight and repetitions. A diary will help you monitor your progress.

Exercise is one component of your overall weight loss plan. The changes you’ll be making to your diet after gastric bypass surgery will have a huge impact on your weight loss, so don’t feel compelled to overwork your body.

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