Posted - June 16, 2011

Exercise Following Lap Band Surgery

Weight loss surgery is becoming an option for more and more people. Bariatric surgery, such as Lap-Band surgery, effectively reduces the amount of food the stomach is physically able to hold. In addition to the diet changes that come along with weight loss surgery, exercise is an important factor that must be approached slowly under the supervision of professionals.

Walking is the exercise of choice for many. You can start off slowly and increase your pace. Following weight loss surgery, patients are encouraged to begin walking as soon as they are able. This type of exercise will increase blood flow to the extremities and reduce the risk of harmful blood clots forming. Along with walking, weight loss surgery patients are encouraged to perform leg exercises while lying in bed. Simply flexing the ankles throughout the day and before going to sleep every night encourages blood flow to the feet and reduces the risk of blood clots, as well.

In addition to walking, patients who undergo bariatric surgery may also be instructed to do breathing exercises to maintain lung capacity and keep the lungs clear from congestion that may set in. Along with breathing exercises, many patients are provided with a spirometer that measures the volume of air that fills and leaves the lungs. This is a useful tool to help you understand your own body as it goes through changes following bariatric surgery.

Once the patient leaves the hospital it becomes very important to incorporate regular exercise into a daily routine. Exercise such as walking, swimming and bike riding cause less stress on the surgical area in the abdomen. Another benefit to these exercises is that they can be done at a variety of levels, so you can start immediately following surgery and increase intensity as you are able. As healing progresses, it is recommended to incorporate more exercises that involve resistance, such as those that include the use of hand weights. The American Heart Association recommends an average of about thirty minutes of moderate exercise per day.

Bariatric surgery is an option for many. By employing the recommended exercise following surgery many patients see great results and enjoy a new and healthy lifestyle.