Posted - August 30, 2011

Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery

Because every person is different, there is “no one-size fits all” exercise requirement for after bariatric surgery. Instead, you need to work with your Carrollton medical weight loss team to determine your individualized post-operative exercise regimen. However, here are a few general exercise tips that are helpful to all bariatric patients.

  • Exercise necessity – It’s important to know that gastric weight loss surgery will not be responsible for all of your necessary weight loss. Both dietary changes and an exercise regime will need to be followed to help you meet your weight loss goals. All things considered, patients who regularly exercise for the first year following surgery lose more weight than those that don’t exercise.
  • In-hospital exercises – Exercise for gastric weight loss surgery patient’s starts in the hospital. Just a few hours after surgery to lose weight, you’ll be asked to stand. It’s important to move and walk as soon as possible after surgery to prevent blood clots. Usually starting on the first day after surgery, you’ll be asked to walk three to four times per day, conduct special lung exercises, and perform leg exercises.
  • In-home exercises – While your body is healing from surgery, you’ll need to perform low-intensity exercises. Most bariatric surgery patients should perform at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercises each day once home from the hospital. Initial activities recommended include walking, cycling, and stair climbing, which will help you to continue to lose weight. About two-weeks after your operation, swimming can be added to the mix as long as your surgery incision is healed. Weight lifting and sit-ups shouldn’t be attempted until six weeks after your bariatric surgery.
  • Maintenance exercises – As you recover from surgery, your strength will grow. As soon as you are able to and you are given approval by your medical weight loss team, you should engage in a more demanding exercise routine. Bariatric patients should participate in strength training exercises using weight machines, resistance bands, and dumbbells at least two times per week to rebuild muscle.


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