Posted - December 10, 2010

Excess Abdominal Fat Leads To Osteoporosis

The myth that being overweight may create factors that would protect women from certain afflictions such as certain types of cancer and osteoporosis has recently been put to question. Researchers are now saying that women with excess belly or abdominal fat should lose weight because they are more likely to suffer from a decrease in bone mineral density that leads to osteoporosis.

As with men, excess abdominal fat in women is an indicator frequently seen in conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Facts from the Women’s Heart Foundation say that 8.5 million women suffer from heart disease, and under age 50 heart attacks suffered by women are more likely to end in death.

Couple these facts with a recent study by doctors from Harvard who found that excess belly fat is not the same type of fat that is distributed throughout a women’s body, and there is additional cause for concern. This study of 50 women who had not reached menopause showed that abdominal fat was a key indicator of developing osteoporosis.

As in the past, healthcare practitioners in Dallas and around the country recommend that these women lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle to reduce their risk of fatal diseases. Specifically, experts say these women should lose fat around the abdominal area because of its relationship with increased fat in bone marrow that can increase the chances of the bones becoming weaker and more brittle.

The effort to exercise, eat right, and live a healthy lifestyle reduces fatty acids in the body that scientists believe have a direct correlation to heart disease, pancreatic disease and bone mineral density.

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