Posted - June 15, 2013

Enjoy Exercise

Enjoy Exercise

Enjoy Exercise

Bariatric surgery can give you a great opportunity to try new things. As you lose weight, you’ll may find yourself able to do all sorts of activities that your weight made too difficult before.

This is no truer than in your exercise routine. Though exercise will be an important part of keeping off the pounds you lose after surgery, it can also give you a chance to find new, active hobbies that you enjoy more than the typical routine. If you spend your workouts doing activities that truly interest you, your routine will be much more fun, and you’ll look forward to it every day.

Finding a Workout You Love

Workouts you enjoy will help you stick to your exercise plans and continue pushing your fitness to new heights. You can use your workouts to do things you’ve always wanted to try, or to search for new and exciting ways to spend your time.

Just about any physical activity has the potential to help you build strength, burn calories and reduce stress. You have many options available after bariatric surgery, and you don’t have to limit yourself to a single exercise—switching between many different activities can help you work new muscles and keep things fresh. The best choice is usually what’s most fun for you, so don’t resign yourself to a workout you don’t enjoy.

Here are some activities you may want to try after bariatric surgery:

  • Kayaking. Most people who kayak do it for the enjoyment rather than the exercise. Still, paddling has many benefits: it’s excellent exercise for your arms, back and core and it gives you the aerobic exercise you need to improve your cardiovascular health. To get acquainted with this activity, look for a kayaking company near you to rent a kayak or take a guided tour. There are freshwater streams, rivers and lakes all over the Dallas area just waiting to be explored.
  • Dancing. Even if your past experiences with dance amount to little more than a few awkward steps at your high school’s Homecoming, a dance class can be the perfect way to burn calories and improve your strength and agility. Dancing is excellent cardiovascular exercise, but can also help you learn a bit about different cultures. There are dance studios all over Dallas that offer classes in everything from tap dancing to hip hop and Zumba.
  • Cycling. Forget about the stationary bike–cycling in the great outdoors will give you a breath of fresh air and an active way to explore the Dallas area. Cycling is easy on the joints, but will give you a great aerobic workout and help you build muscle in your legs. If you’ve got a bike collecting dust in your garage, bust it out for a spin around your neighborhood or a route recommended by another Dallasite on

There are so many different workouts in the world that you never have to do an activity you don’t enjoy. If you have any other suggestions for exciting workouts after bariatric surgery in the Dallas area, let us know in the comments!