Posted - March 20, 2013

Eating Well after Bariatric Surgery

Eating Well after Bariatric Surgery

Eating Well after Bariatric SurgeryMarch is National Nutrition Month, so there is no better time of the year than now to evaluate your weight loss efforts and rededicate yourself to your post-bariatric diet plan. If you’ve already had bariatric surgery in Frisco, Denton or Lubbock, you are entirely familiar with the dietary changes that you need to commit to for sustained weight loss. These dietary changes include transitioning away from highly processed and fattening foods and eating a whole-foods diet that is loaded with healthy nutrients from produce and lean proteins.

As time goes on after bariatric surgery, you will begin to turn your post-bariatric diet plan into your own personal eating habits, but to think you’ll never need a refresher course is a bit impractical. This month, make an effort to focus on the changes your diet has gone through. If you are still preparing for bariatric surgery, then now is a better time than ever to start looking critically at the way you eat and focus on eating healthier one bite at a time.

When it comes to thinking about your diet, there are few aspects that should stick out. Here are a few tips to consider when looking at your own eating habits:

  • Portion size: After bariatric surgery, portion sizes are smaller. This is because of how much food your stomach can now comfortably hold. Are you measuring your portions properly, or have you taken to eye-balling guesstimates instead? Be honest with yourself and have a deep evaluation of your current portion sizes.
  • Sugar intake: Sugar is everywhere. From soda to ice cream to processed snacks, it is tough to avoid sugar day after day. After weight loss surgery you will need to be extra careful about your sugar consumption, and be extra careful to stay away from soda as the carbonation adds a double threat to your digestive comfort.
  • Hydration: Water is going to hydrate you better than anything else. If you are choosing to drink juice or another item instead of water, then chances are you are increasing your risk for dehydration, and more likely than not you are just adding empty calories to your daily consumption. If you need more flavor in your water try adding a squirt of lemon or lime.

What eating habits need work in your post-bariatric diet plan? Share your thoughts and experience in a comment below.