Posted - March 8, 2011

Eating Smart at Mexican Restaurants

Most everyone likes going out for tasty Mexican food. But if you have a weight loss goal, some types of Mexican food can derail your efforts to lose weight. Fortunately, there are some good picks at your favorite Dallas Mexican restaurant, to allow you to enjoy south-of-the-border food without all the excess calories — and the guilt.

Poor Choices

Unfortunately, some of the poorest Mexican food picks taste the best. Although it contains heart healthy fats, that colorful green guacamole is loaded with calories, which isn’t good for your weight loss goal. Sour cream is another calorie-laden topping, so use sparingly, if at all. Many Mexican foods are laden with cheese. Again, cheese contains a lot of fat, so tread carefully.

When you think about the other items on the menu, consider if the dish is loaded with sour cream, cheese or other fat-laden ingredients. Nachos are also loaded with sodium, so if you can, skip these tempting chips and head straight for the first course. If you must eat nachos, eat plain nachos with salsa and not the kind that is loaded with cheese. Most quesadillas have cheese sandwiched in the middle, so they’re not the best pick either. Chile rellenos may seem like they are healthy because of the peppers. However, the fried batter coating is your enemy. Chimichangas, another deep fried delicacy, should be avoided like the flu.

Best Picks

So, you’re probably wondering, what can I eat? Well, lots of things. Instead of the nachos, start you dining experience with black bean soup. It’s loaded with protein and nutrients. Pico de gallo and cocetal de camarones are often offered on Mexican restaurants and they are good choices. A grilled chicken salad, with light dressing, is another good choice. You can even order a combination of side dishes, such as beans, rice and vegetables and have a satisfying meal.

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