Posted - December 24, 2012

Dining Tips after Weight Loss Surgery

Dining Tips After Weight Loss Surgery in Lubbock

Dining Tips After Weight Loss Surgery in LubbockOnce you get weight loss surgery in Lubbock or anywhere else in Texas, your eating habits are going to undergo a great change. But that doesn’t mean that the eating habits of the rest of your community are going to alter—or that even the habits of your family members and friends are going to change at all.

As you follow your post-weight loss surgery diet you are going to encounter trying situations. You are going to experience temptations, cravings and are even come face to face with a menu that would have once made you salivate.

Dining out after weight loss surgery is not impossible, but it can be a bit of a challenge. Resisting the temptation to order an old favorite item and finding an item that is appropriate for your diet plan take time and effort. The best thing you can do for yourself is be prepared by learning tips and tricks to eat healthy even when on the go.

Facing the Menu after Weight Loss Surgery

The golden rule after weight loss surgery is to eat protein first. This doesn’t change when you are out to eat, but it can become more difficult to follow than it is at home. Restaurants often serve bread, chips or other sorts of appetizers before your meal is served. While this might be fun to munch on while you chat, they are just a bunch of calories that will take up room in your stomach without offering any useful nutritional value.

Avoid the pre-meal snacks by sipping on water and keeping your eyes on the prize. And when it comes to ordering your meal don’t be afraid to ask your server for a few substitutions. The goal of a restaurant is to make good food that people want to eat, and most of the time those items are going to be calorie-laden and unhealthy.

Key terms on your menu can be a big giveaway for how unhealthy a meal is going to be. You might think you are ordering a healthy dish, but you would likely be surprised to learn the unhealthy content on your plate.

When you are dining out after weight loss surgery in Lubbock, avoid these menu terms at all costs:

  • Au gratin—means lots of extra cheese
  • Basted—cooked with animal fat, like butter or lard
  • Broasted—another way to say fried
  • Breaded—unnecessary calories and carbohydrates cooked onto the protein
  • Batter dipped—worse than breaded because this generally means in an egg, dairy and sometimes even beer-based carbohydrate batter
  • Smothered—often in cheese
  • Crispy—breaded and fried

Instead of these cooking styles, try to order your food broiled, grilled, roasted or steamed. If you are unsure what items are healthiest don’t hesitate to ask your server. After all, they are there to help you enjoy your meal. And remember, restaurant meals are notoriously oversized so don’t be afraid to ask for a box to go!

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