Posted - November 16, 2012

Denver and Rachel: Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Denver and Rachel Weight Loss Success

Denver: For a long time we tried to lose weight, and it was tough. We’d diet and have some success but it just always came back.

Rachel: We needed a bit of a kick start. I think to get headed in the right direction, a real driver to make a life change.

Denver: So we went and talked to Dr. Stewart and explained what our situation was and he was pretty open and honest with us on what to expect. What would go on and kind of led us down that road.

*Go through our closet and pull clothes out that we can’t wear any longer. I’ve got over 50 shirts that I can literally wrap around me twice. That’s how much in eight months weight we’ve lost. It’s kind of depressing, because you’ve invested all this money in clothes and you can’t wear them anymore. You’re literally starting over.

Rachel: Good excuse to go shopping.