Posted - September 27, 2011

Choosing Surgery to Lose Weight

Obesity is a large and common problem in the United States, and with it comes serious health conditions such as type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Overweight and obese individuals in the Plano area are turning to weight loss surgery to help them overcome the health obstacles that obesity presents. Patients that have a BMI or Body Mass Index that is greater than 40 often qualify for surgical assistance in overcoming their obesity. Those who suffer from chronic health conditions related to obesity may qualify if their BMI is 35 or more.

There are several different types of gastric weight loss surgery available to patients in Plano and North Texas. One type of weight loss surgery restricts the amount of food that can be comfortably eaten by reducing the size of the stomach either through surgical alteration or with the use of a gastric band, like the Lap Band. Another method is to bypass part of the small intestines where most of the body’s calorie absorption occurs, which is what occurs during a gastric bypass.

Restrictive gastric weight loss surgery drastically reduces the capacity of the stomach using banding or stapling procedures. Rather than holding up to three pints of food, the stomach is reduced to a small pouch that can hold approximately one cup of food. This helps patients to feel fuller, faster and with less calorie intake.

Any type of gastric weight loss surgery requires a commitment to a lifetime of healthy eating and routine exercise. Eating high calorie foods, becoming sedentary or continuing food addictive behaviors interfere with successful weight loss. Your North Texas bariatric surgeon can help you to decide which form of weight loss surgery is most beneficial for your needs.


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