Posted - July 2, 2020

How a Trip to the Pumpkin Patch Changed One Woman’s Life Forever

Chelsea - before and after duodenal switch

Chelsea is a busy mom to two young boys, a professional working in behavioral health in Kingston, Oklahoma. She’s engaged to the love of her life and is excited about the future. But it hasn’t always been this way.

Chelsea’s Wake Up Moment

Chelsea said she started gaining weight in high school but didn’t really give it too much thought until around 2017, when she was on a field trip to the pumpkin patch with her young son. He wanted her to come inside the bounce house with him, but she noticed the weight limit was 250 pounds. Chelsea knew she weighed more than that, so she quietly declined. “I was also too big to go on the hayride earlier in the day,” she admitted. “After that experience, I knew it was time to do something.”

Chelsea worked with two women who had great success with bariatric surgery. She started to do her research. And it led her to Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas. And Dr. Ayoola. Chelsea made an appointment for a consultation and planned a trip south. In January of 2018, she met Dr. Ayoola for the first time.

The Dr. A Difference

“By the end of my consultation, I knew there was no other doctor I would go to for the surgery,” said Chelsea. “It was hard for me to admit that I couldn’t do it by myself and needed help. But I never once felt judged for the position I was in. I walked in feeling humiliated that I’d let myself go. But I left feeling hopeful and excited. I finally had a plan.”

Dr. A recommended the duodenal switch for Chelsea. With her high blood pressure and fatty liver disease, he felt it gave her the best chance to lose the weight and keep it off—for a lifetime.

I can’t even explain how much better I feel now.

Chelsea had her surgery in June of 2018. “It wasn’t easy, and I had to really train my mind to recognize real hunger from head hunger and habit, but I’m so excited with the results,” said Chelsea. On the date of her surgery, Chelsea weighed 292 pounds. Today, she weighs 142!

“I work out now and I can chase my kids and play with them like I’ve always wanted to but couldn’t before,” said Chelsea, with emotion. “I can’t even explain how much better I feel.” Recently, at a family day at the lake, Chelsea wore a swimsuit for the first time in years. “I didn’t have to worry about fitting in the kayak,” she said.

Chelsea explained something she used to do constantly but is no longer even a thought in her mind. “I was always mentally clearing a path when I walked into a room or any space, really,” she said. “Like, I was looking for how I would fit through certain areas. I don’t have to do that anymore and it feels pretty great.”

One Decision Can Change Your Life Forever

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