Posted - September 12, 2017

Cheating On Your Diet is Healthy

Cheating on your diet is healthy

What if we told you that cheating on your diet is a good way to lose weight? — wait – huh? – seriously?

Yes, you read correctly. A reward or “taking a break” now and then helps you stay on your diet for the long haul and can provide a metabolic boost (much like carbo-loading) when applied in moderation.
Here are a few tips on “How to Cheat”

Splurge – NOT Binge
Rewarding your self now and then does not mean to splurge an entire day or eat a 5,000 calorie pizza in one sitting. Your splurge should be a meal 500-750 calories more than the “on your diet dinner” would be – and then be done. And sorry to break it to you but alcohol cancels out any metabolic boost you get from an occasional splurge.

Cheat on Sunday
Your splurges shouldn’t be overly regular occurrences, If they are, you could counteract your healthy efforts. To keep from turning one splurge into a binge weekend, try planning your splurge on Sunday, or on special occasions. Those who tend to reward themselves on Friday or Saturday, have a tendency to extend it through the rest of the weekend. So do it on Sunday and then get back to your diet Monday morning.

Moderation is Key

Moderation in everything is the key to establishing a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle – that includes diet and also “cheating” on that diet.

So go ahead, reward yourself for your efforts – just don’t overdo it.

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