Posted - January 24, 2013

Busyness and Bariatric Surgery

Busyness and Bariatric Surgery

Busyness and Bariatric SurgeryDo you recall the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland? He was always in a rush with his pocket watch in hand. He perpetually had somewhere to be, someone to see. He was the essence of a busy bee.

How many times have you already used the word busy today? If you are like most American adults, the four-letter word may have already trailed off your lips in a number of contexts. You’ve got a busy day today. You can’t cook a healthy breakfast; you’re too busy, there’s too much to do. A mid-morning walk will have to wait; you are far too busy for that today.

After getting bariatric surgery, Frisco, Lubbock and the surrounding areas of Dallas and Ft. Worth are not going to drop their hustle and bustle for you to fit in all of your new healthy habits. Attempting to fit in time for exercise and cook a healthy dinner every night can add hours to your already jammed schedule. But you need to be careful not to let the busyness of life interfere with what you’ve set out to do: improve your health.

Letting Go of the Busyness

If you aren’t careful after bariatric surgery, you can easily become overwhelmed by all the changes in your life. One way that people cope with these changes is to hide behind them. Instead of reaching out to their friends and being honest about the complexities of their new lifestyle or the frustrations they are encountering, many people hide behind their busyness and push loved ones away.

Busyness is subjective. You may feel busy if you have two things to do, or you might not feel busy until there are ten things piled on your plate. Once you realize how subjective the frenzied state is you may begin to understand the degree to which you invite it into your life. Simply resolving to not succumb to busyness can free up loads of time in your schedule.

Managing your schedule is one part time management and one part mental readiness. Learning good time management skills will help you a lot, but that won’t do the whole trick. Letting go of busyness after getting bariatric surgery can enhance your mental wellness and free up the mental energy for you to tackle everything coming your way.

The next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, do your best to push the word “busy” out of your mind. You might find that this simple change in perspective frees up so much of your mental energy that you are able to take on the world!