Posted - November 21, 2009

Body Scuplting Surgery For Post Weight-Loss Procedures

Weight loss surgeries have been proven to be an effective way for obese people to finally lose significant weight. However, after losing a significant amount of weight, many people find that they’re left with excessive amounts of loose and sagging skin. This can obviously be a cosmetic issue for someone who has worked very hard to look and feel better about their appearance.  Excess skin may also cause health complications.

Because of this, some people may choose to undergo body sculpting surgery after their weight loss procedures. Body sculpting surgery involves having the excess skin surgically removed from the body. In order to qualify for body sculpting surgery, a patient should meet a few criteria.

What are the qualifications for body sculpting surgery after weight loss procedures?

  • Stable weight and diet habits. In most cases, body sculpting surgery should not be done for at least 2 years after a weight loss procedure. The patient should ideally have reached their goal weight and demonstrate that they can maintain their weight through diet and exercise.
  • Overall good health. As with any surgery, a candidate should be in relatively good health. People with diabetes or heart disease may not be eligible for body sculpting surgery.
  • No smoking. A patient should be smoke-free for at least 6 weeks prior to body sculpting surgery.

There are, of course, risks associated with body sculpting surgery.  If you’re considering undergoing body sculpting surgery, you should talk to your surgeon about any possible risks.

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