Posted - April 1, 2014

Bariatric Surgery vs April Fools Diet Water

Bariatric Surgery vs Diet Water

About 10 years ago, GMTV, A British breakfast show ran a news bulletin about a new product: A third tap for homes that dispensed “diet tap water”. Their report included accounts of speedy weight loss results from many of their users.

This was an April fools joke of course – there is no diet water. The prank was quite successful though – roughly 10,000 people fell for it and contacted the company inquiring about the product.

Fortunately, there are real options for quick weight loss but they do involve more than just drinking water. Bariatric Surgery is a safe and effective means to achieving permanent weight reduction. Learn more about weight loss surgery.

However, if you are in the mood for mischief, here are some useful weight loss “tricks” you can pull on yourself:

1. Prank your thirst. Turn off your ice machine and empty out the ice cube tray. Most sweetened drinks don’t taste particularly good when they are warm. This will encourage you to drink more water and reduce some calorie intake. This is also a good prep for the first few weeks after surgery.

2. Prank your brain. The typical advice is to make sure you spend  “x” amount of minutes exercising. Well, how about you just ditch your watch and try to go for as long as you can? The trick here is that your reduce some pressure and are not tempted to keep checking your watch to see if how many more minutes before you can quit. You may be surprised that you end up exercising much longer than you thought you would.

3. Prank yourself as you sleep. Researchers at Ohio State University conducted a study and found out that mice who sleep in total darkness were less prone to obesity than those who slept with exposure to light. It was also determined that the mice that slept in low to highly lighted conditions ate at odd times. So turn off the TV when you go to bed, close the curtains to avoid outside light and enjoy your sleep in darkness.

4. Prank your eyes. Eating off smaller plates is a sure way to eat less. A study out of Cornell University’s Food and Brand lab resulted in test subjects eating 31 percent more when they had oversized 34 ounce bowls when compared to test subjects that had 17 ounce bowls.

5. Be a good sport. Stress causes some dieters to over eat. Guilt can cause stress so if you eat an unhealthy meal or eat too much, don’t fall into self guilt and give your self a hard time.

Like these tips? Let us know which of these you’re trying and which ones are working for you.