Posted - May 19, 2010

Are Walking poles Good for Brisk Walking?

Do you walk as a regular part of your post weight loss surgery exercise regimen? If you aren’t feeling like you get the most out of your walking, or if you’re walking on terrain that isn’t the safest or smoothest, you may want to consider walking poles. Also called trekking poles, they can supplement your fitness routine by working muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest, and upper back, all without requiring any additional exertion.

To gain the most benefit, it’s important to watch any instructional videos and follow the directions carefully. You can give yourself a full-body workout just by walking down the street. The rubber-tipped poles grip the pavement, which allows you to walk more securely and reduces stress on your lower-body joints. Walking poles also provide the following benefits:

  • More security, since a potential attacker is less likely to bother you.
  • Better balance and stability.
  • Help maintaining proper posture
  • Help with lower back or lower arthritis issues.
  • Added intensity to your aerobic exercise without any real additional effort.

If you decide that walking or trekking poles are for you, you can find them online or in any sporting goods store. They may also be called fitness walking poles, Nordic walking poles, or Exerstrider poles.