Posted - July 20, 2010

Annual Vitamin D Injections after Bariatric Surgery

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is known as the “Sunshine Vitamin.” It promotes the absorption of two minerals – calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D regulates how much calcium remains in your blood and also deposits these two minerals in your bones and teeth making them stronger and healthier. A deficiency in this vitamin can lead to osteoporosis, bone fractures and progressive bone pain.

Vitamin D is converted to its active form through sunlight. For good Vitamin D conversion, twenty to forty minutes of sun exposure on your hands, arms or face three times per week, is all that is needed.

After bariatric surgery, the absorption of Vitamin D may be impaired and bariatric patients may require a different amount of supplementation. It is important that you take your vitamin supplements as ordered by Dr Stewart. It is equally important that you have your labs checked routinely so that your supplementation can be altered as needed. 


According to research by Diamond, et al, 50 participants were studied in India after receiving a yearly mega dose injection of Vitamin D (600,000 Units). All participants were shown to have normalized Vitamin D levels that remained over 50nmol/L over 12 months. They concluded that yearly Vitamin D is an effective therapy for deficiency.

In another study by Clay, et al, 30 post bilio-pancreatic diversion (Duodenal Switch) participants were studied in Australia.  They found that a once yearly D3 600,000 Unit injection IM (intramuscular) injection as an adjunct to oral supplementation appeared safe and effective.

According to a study by Heikinheimo, et, al, 479 participants were followed in Finland after mega yearly injection of Vitamin D3 600,000 Units. These participants, aged 75 and greater, showed a decrease in fracture rates without toxic side effects.

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