Posted - March 15, 2010

Alma: Lap Band Surgery

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Alma: Hi, my name is Alma I had lap band surgery almost a year ago and I’ve lost 101 pounds. Prior to my surgery I was borderline diabetic, I had hypertension that was getting progressively worse. I also was having a lot of joint problems, especially in the knees and hips, and now that’s all been resolved since the weight loss.
I had a lot of trouble getting around, especially climbing stairs and that sort of thing and I was very short winded and just out of breathe a lot and had very low energy.
Yes I definitely would do this again and my advice would be anyone who is morbidly obese to go see the doctor particularly Dr. Stewart.
My advice would be to anyone who chooses to do this is to follow their program explicitly I think that’s the key to the success that I’ve had. Doing exactly as they told me.