Posted - February 13, 2012

Add Hours to Your Day with These Simple Tips

Time Management after Bariatric Surgery

Do you often feel like there are never enough hours in the day to power through your to-do list? Instead of sacrificing hours of sleep, once again, focus on minimizing your work load to get things done. Meeting with your weight loss surgeon in Dallas can help you to lose weight at a faster pace. Take that weight loss mentality to your date book by following these simple tips to add hours to your day!

  • Make the Most of Waiting: Waiting around to meet up with friends, see the doctor or simply get on the bus does not need to be time wasted. Taking some work with you and then working on it while waiting will not only make the wait less boring, it will result in accomplishing more in that time so that it is not necessary to accomplish the task later. That can save as much as half an hour to several hours in a single day.
  • Do Tasks Once: Many individuals do the same tasks several times a day, such as checking their email and then coming back later to sort it out. Instead of wasting the time to do the same task twice, spend the few minutes at the same time to complete the task. This prevents wasting time and ultimately can add up to half an hour or more a day.
  • Make Quick Decisions: While comparison shopping is ideal when looking at items, it needs to have a time limit before making a decision. Instead of spending hours looking for the best deal, set a limit of 30 minutes to one hour and then make a final choice. This will prevent wasted hours of fruitless searching that ends up with only a few dollars less.

Saving hours of time each day is not a difficult task. It is primarily about making the most of the time and avoiding unnecessary repeat actions that invariably only waste time.