Posted - October 16, 2009

5 Ways Drinking Water Can Help Weight Loss

Did you know that over 50% of your body is water? Luckily, you’re also covered in skin, which is why you don’t make squishy noises when you walk (although, about 70% of your skin is water, too). Believe it or not, your body-even though it’s composed primarily of water-needs you to put additional water in it. In fact, drinking more water can even help you lose weight.   

Water makes you feel full: Water can fill up your stomach and reduce the amount of calories you consume by making you feel full.

Water flushes sodium from your body: Sodium makes you retain water, which makes you bloated and increases the numbers on the scale. Drinking water helps to flush out your system, reducing your sodium levels and water retention.

Water helps your kidneys: Without water, your kidneys can’t function properly. When your kidneys have trouble, your liver has to pick up the slack. That means that your liver becomes distracted from the process of metabolizing fats.

Water increases your energy: When you have more energy, you’re more physically active. Energy also makes you better-able to turn down tempting, calorie-rich foods.

Water helps your bowels: Staying regular is important when you’re trying to lose weight. Water helps to soften stool and keep your bowels functioning properly.

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