Posted - December 15, 2011

10 Tips for Eating after Lap Band

Gastric band surgery for weight loss can help many people that have struggled to lose weight on their own finally reach their weight loss goal. Getting a gastric band in Plano can help you to control your appetite by physically limiting the amount of food that you can eat at one time. The Lap Band device creates a small pouch on top of the stomach to help the person feel full on less food, without reducing the amount of nutrients or minerals absorbed. Since your diet will be reduced once you have your Lap Band, it is important to change your eating habits so that you are still receiving all of the nutrients that you need every day.

Here are ten eating tips to keep in mind after your Lap Band surgery:

1. Protein first. Protein is a very important part of your diet, as it helps your body to heal after Lap Band surgery. Make sure that you eat protein first at every meal so that you can ensure you are receiving the proper amount before you become full.

2. Solid food is better than liquids or soft foods. Solid food will fill up the stomach pouch faster, so less calories are absorbed, which leads to faster weight loss.

3. Do not drink and eat at the same time. This makes food in the stomach pouch softer, which leads to higher calorie absorption.

4. Do not waste calories on liquids. Many drinks, such as sodas, juice and tea contain high calorie counts but will not make the person feel full. Try to only drink water or no-calorie drinks like green tea.

5. Use small bites. A large amount of food trying to pass through the gastric band at once may lead to an obstruction that can cause medical complications. The smaller the bites of food, the easier it is on the stomach.

6. Make sure to chew all food completely. Similar to taking small bites, food should be as processed as possible to avoid obstructions.

7. Do not eat quickly. Eating slowly will help with taking small bites and chewing thoroughly, as well as prevent overeating, which can stretch the stomach pouch and lead to weight gain or obstructions.

8. Stop eating when full. Your Lap Band will help you to become full quicker than you would have previously. If you continue to eat when you become full you may begin to experience discomfort, and may not lose weight properly.

9. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of calorie-free liquids between meals to prevent dehydration.

10. Use prescribed bariatric vitamins. These can help make up for any vitamin deficiency from eating smaller portions of food. Your weight loss surgeon can help you determine which supplements are best for your diet.