Posted - August 29, 2012

Achieving Weight Loss with a Beginner’s mind

You should strive for constant learning and improvement after a weight loss surgery like sleeve gastrectomy. It’s rare, if not impossible, for us to know everything there is to know about a single subject, even in our field of expertise. Though you may devote years to improving your lifestyle after weight loss surgery, there will always be more ways to improve and enrich your life with healthy habits. Learn More
Posted - August 8, 2012

Why You Need a Break

Americans don’t like taking breaks. Sure, we all say that we need a break or look forward to the weekend, but the United States is statistically one of the least vacation-prone countries in the western world. After sleeve gastrectomy surgery you need to slow down and pay more attention to your health and wellbeing. In order to lose weight and improve your health it is time to put your work ethic in perspective and take a breath. Learn More
Posted - February 14, 2012

Nutrition Tips to Stay Healthy After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Nutritional counseling is often a beneficial tool after having a sleeve gastrectomy in Dallas, as it will be necessary to re-think the way that you have approached food. One benefit of the gastric sleeve is that it does not affect the small intestine, therefore reducing nutritional insufficiencies due to malabsorption. However, because the post-procedure capacity of the stomach is severely reduced, attentiveness to nutritional value, intake of lean proteins, as well as vitamins and supplements are required to avoid becoming malnourished. Learn More
Posted - January 11, 2012

Less Common Obesity Related Conditions

Most people associate heart disease and respiratory ailments with obesity, but there are less common conditions affected by weight as well. Genetics are responsible for some risks, but additional factors and obesity itself can also be at fault. While receiving a sleeve gastrectomy in Dallas can improve or eliminate many of these health risks, it is important to be aware of some of the less common risks that obesity can put you at risk for. Learn More
Posted - January 2, 2012

Life after Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve surgery is a successful form of weight loss treatment that helps many people to reach their weight loss goals and begin living a healthier life. Prior to the weight loss operation your bariatric surgeon will speak with you about the changes that you will need to make following the surgical procedure. Learn More
Posted - June 1, 2010

Mike: Sleeve Gastrectomy

My name is Mike. I had the gastric sleeve surgery approximately ten months ago. I’ve lost around 155 pounds so far and still losing and feeling better. Well, some of the problems I had were bad knees, shortness of breath sometimes you know - working out. I also have a little girl who just turned two and I want to be more healthy for her so I can play with her and be around for her Learn More
Posted - April 7, 2010

Bianca: Sleeve Gastrectomy

Bianca describes her experience with gastric sleeve surgery. She has lost 48 lbs in the 3 months since her bariatric surgery. Bianca says she found her energy increased considerably after her surgery allowing her to do many of the things she had difficulty when she was overweight. Learn More

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