Meet Dr. Ayoola

"I know as a fact, that obesity kills - just as gravity makes things fall.  The people affected by obesity are my friends, neighbors and fellow human beings. I feel strongly that we as a society must do any and everything possible to combat this disease and help the people we care about.

If you’re struggling, I am here to help, if you have a loved one struggling, I am here to help.  There are many options to help meet you where you are.  Now is the time to beat obesity and live free of it's burdens."

Am I a candidate?

Bariatric surgery is not for the casual dieter and there are several requirements that you will need to meet in order to be considered. Let us guide you through this process in a simple fashion. First, we need to know your height and weight. This will allow us to Calculate your Body Mass Index. BMI is an indicator used globally to indicate a healthy weight. Learn more about Body Mass Index

Weight Loss Surgery Success Stories

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